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About that Voter Suppression Files photo, and actual voter fraud

That photo that came into the Tatler this morning is amusing, but it’s possible it’s evidence of Democratic sloppiness with their own files.  They compiled what they consider evidence of voter suppression when they were in the majority, only to leave that evidence out in the hallway where someone could tamper with it, add to it, slip files from it?  That doesn’t strike me as serious treatment of what they say is a serious issue.

We don’t know what’s in the box, but given its source we’re confident of what’s not in the box: Any mention at all of the New Black Panther case.

Meanwhile, there is overwhelming evidence of voter fraud that they pretend doesn’t exist.  Investigative blog Texas Watchdog did a great piece on one of those kinds of fraud back in December that’s worth your time to read.

DEL RIO, Texas – In a courtroom here, Dora Gonzalez confessed.

She had intentionally hampered the voting process by mishandling more than 100 absentee ballots in the March 2 Democratic primary in Val Verde County. By 29 votes, her employer, County Commissioner Jesus Ortiz, had won the primary, effectively handing him re-election in this Democratic county. Challenger Gus Flores alleged voter fraud and sued.

A judge ruled in August that Gonzalez’ activity on Ortiz’ behalf was illegal and ordered a new primary. Under close scrutiny, the election was won by Flores with a 306-vote margin.

This action took place entirely within the Democratic primary.  It wasn’t partisan, just dishonest and illegal, but because there is so little enforcement and whatever punishments do get meted out are so light, it continues nearly unabated.  And not just in Texas.