Repeal ObamaCare to save the youth vote?

Ron Meyer says that in order to save the youth vote, the Democrats need to repeal ObamaCare.  I think he’s onto something.

Young people tend to lean left until they start paying taxes. Starting in 2014, Democrats face a harsher version of this tendency: Young people vote Democratic until they have to pay taxes and purchase health insurance.

The Obamacare individual mandate essentially targets my age group – 18- to 29-year-olds – to flood health insurance pools with low-risk premiums to bring costs down for everyone else. The young and healthy must subsidize the old and sick by buying plans they may not need.


Add in that taxes will go up, doctors expect the quality and availability of care to go down, and the young voters who put Obama in office will suffer under his policies the longest.  Unless, that is, those policies get overturned in the courts or repealed by Congress.

Repeal  ObamaCare…to save the youth vote.  That’s so counterintuitive it reminds me of Seinfeld.  And given the way many young voters swooned over Obama in 2008, that’s not an entirely inappropriate connection.


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