Palin Snares Andrew "Blood Libel" Cohen

The latest hypocritical journo bagged by Sarah Palin, this time with the sleuthing of Professor Bill Jacobson, is the Atlantic’s Andrew Cohen :

Surely Cohen knows his own history of columns.  He was aware enough to point out his use of the term “blood libel” as to Ward Churchill in 2005.

Did Cohen not remember that Cohen accused John McCain, the Republican nominee for President, of a blood libel for having criticized “activist judges”?

If Cohen so casually threw around the term “blood libel” in the heat of a presidential election, who is Cohen now to attack Sarah Palin for using the term as to false accusations that she caused the murder of several people in Tucson?


Read the skewering in its entirety and marvel with me at how this gorgeous backwoods gal is felling a whole forest of  hypocritical and under- educated men and women who have been posing as professional writers  worthy of our respectful attention to their views.


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