What If the Tucson Victims had been Black?

Ralph Peters, who has earned the right to be taken seriously, makes an important point:  headline “victim” stories are most often stories about a rare sort of violence, namely those with white victims and even white perps.  The most frequent violent crimes are black-on-black and they are not as frequently and certainly not as dramatically reported.  Nor, he adds, is one of the really big tragedies of our country, namely the lousy schools to which we condemn so many of our minority kids.


Those of us in the District of Columbia know these stories all too well, alas.  The latest elections here produced the defeat of a rational mayor who had hired a terrific woman to try to salvage the school system.  They lost bigtime.  And the death rate of young blacks in the District is one of the highest in the country.

It’s the political equivalent of Dr Kavorkian’s dream for America.


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