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Sort of a relief

It’s kind of a relief to look at government officials beclowning themselves in some way not connected to that nut in Arizona.

Here’s another good one.  The UK Meteorological Office — analogous to the National Weather Service here — made some statements about this winter that read to pretty much everyone as predictions that this would be another warm mild winter, and implied global warming was the cause.


The actual winter has been Dickensian — literally — with temperatures and snowfall amounts that haven’t been seen since Dickens was alive.

Now, there is some controversy about this.  The Met Office says they really did predict the cold winter — secretly — but that the Prime Minister’s administration kept it secret.

Now, the BBC is using their Freedom of Information Act to try to get to the bottom of it.

It must present quite a dilemma for the Beeb. Attack the current Conservative government: good. Show that the forecasts have been fudged politically, and to the warm side, providing another bit of evidence that weather data are politically malleable? Probably not desirable.

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