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Says he thinks "it's possible" Trump could be a Russian asset, adding he's "really anxious" to see the results of Mueller's investigation.
Arrest of bombing suspect "doesn't mean we're all out of the woods," FBI director added. "There may be other packages in transit now."
Attorney general argues that "motive is irrelevant" in judging "what otherwise would be a lawful administrative action."
Government pushback on Big Tech "long overdue."
He lashed out at small "free speech zones" on campuses and rules against activities that could "disturb the comfort of persons" attending school there.
Meeting to focus on free speech, anti-trust concerns.
GOP leader "not going to start commenting on observations by one or another of these apparent sources that Bob used" in new book.
Flake slams conduct of "a president looking to use the Department of Justice to settle political scores."
Is the AG secretly cracking down on the DOJ? I doubt it...