Trump Supporters Reveal Seedy Underbelly Bent on Destroying the Republican Party


Jonah Goldberg penned a well-thought out analysis of the impact Trump supporters are having on the Republican Party, specifically the conservative movement. In this piece published at National Review Online, he notes of Trump supporters:

His biggest fans disappoint in other ways as well. I marvel at how they can simultaneously despise Obama’s arrogance but revel in Trump’s. (I chuckle at all of the people who tell me he’s a heroic truth-teller for “telling it like it is” and “calling it as he sees it” but who at the same time fume at me when I tell it like it is about Trump and call it as I see it.)

Trump fans bit, pounding Twitter with anti-Semitic slurs against Goldberg, National Review Online, and conservatives in general, all while claiming to be the “real conservatives” of the group. Publishing under the hashtag #NRORevolt, the pro-Trump backlash revealed the seedy underbelly of a constituency that would be happy to have a corporatist-cum-C-rate celebrity who can’t tell the difference between Al Quds and Kurds running the nation.

#NRORevolt also provided conclusive evidence that said seedy underbelly where dimwits dwell has a sick anti-Semitic streak that taints the rest of the Republican Party and makes all conservatives appear to fit the Left’s stereotype of right-wing ethnocentric eccentrics:




In other words, Trump supporters proved Goldberg is 100% correct in his breakdown of both Trump and those who wish to vote for him. Which leaves us only one question to quickly answer and move on: Why are we wasting time on Trump? Has the Right truly become so bent on self-destruction that they’re willing to sell themselves out to a fourth-rate celebrity who, in another era, would’ve been nothing more than a prime candidate for a guest spot on Hollywood Squares?

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