Trump Derangement Syndrome Meltdown of the Week—Monumentally Debunked 'Bloodbath' Lie Edition

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We are back after a one-week hiatus. Honestly, there were no outstanding meltdowns for the column last week. The Opinion sections were dominated by anti-Israel rants. I knew we wouldn't go two weeks without one of the lefties "stepping up." 


What I found this week is, for the purpose of this column, almost magical. A woman named Caroline Fredrickson brain-barfed up an almost 1200-word guest essay for the Opinion section of The New York Times titled, "What Worries Me Most About a Trump Presidency." I kid you not, it's one of the most dishonest things I've read this year. 

A look at her bio reveals why. 

  • Open Markets Institute adviser — Leftist think tank.
  • Senior Fellow at the Brennan Center for Justice — Leftist advocacy group that wants to destroy election integrity.
  • Visiting professor of law at Georgetown University  — Academic. 'Nuff said. 

That's a trifecta of reflexive prevarication. She's probably been lying for so long that she has forgotten that she's lying. 

Fredrickson comes out of the gate proving her pathological liar bona fides. 

The New York Times

There are almost daily headlines now describing what Donald Trump would do if elected: the mass deportations, the pardons handed out to his friends and golf buddies, the Justice Department settling scores and waging personal vendettas. The former president has even promised violence if the election goes against him, warning that it could be a “blood bath.”

Of all the breathless mainstream media lies about Trump, none has been debunked as thoroughly and quickly as the "bloodbath" nonsense. Such is the state of anti-Trump fever in prominent leftist news organizations. We don't call it derangement because we're addicted to hyperbole on the Right; we call it derangement because these people are truly deranged. 


Let's get to Ms. Fredrickson's biggest worry about Trump being elected. 

The poor dear is terrified that the Executive branch will be riddled with corruption and that the government will become a — I kid you not — kleptocracy. Here is the Merriam-Webster definition of kleptocracy: "government by those who seek chiefly status and personal gain at the expense of the governed."

So...the United States Congress. Also, here's another leftist who apparently has never heard of Hunter Biden and the "Big Guy." 

That Merriam-Webster definition is a great description of what's going on between the Democrats and Big Green. Of course, it's not corruption or kleptocratic when they're doing it. 

Frederickson thinks that Trump is going to spend a second term using his presidency to expand his business interests. I suppose that's a refreshing change from the Hitlerian dictator garbage that's been polluting the Times and WaPo since last year. It's still bat**** crazy, but it's at least different. 

I tend to believe Trump. He says he wants to clean up Biden's open borders threat to national security and get to work on getting the economy going again. Those two things alone will keep him too busy to morph into the Trump 2.0 monster that the Left keeps carving out of their diseased commie imaginations. 


Fredrickson even sees the Supreme Court being in cahoots with the Trumpian kleptocracy. She says the Court is "corrupt." By the way, the Brennan Center refers to itself as nonpartisan. Positing that SCOTUS wants to get in on a grift is totally centrist, don't you know. 

Here is Fredrickson's ultimate moment of disconnect:

In a kleptocracy, corruption is a feature, not a bug, where politicians apply the law inconsistently, favoring friends and punishing enemies. By controlling government assets and handing them out to friends and family — and dangling possibilities in front of would-be supporters — as well as using politically motivated prosecutions, kleptocrats cement their control of government and disempower opponents. 

Thank you, Professor Fredrickson, for your dead-on description of the Biden administration. 

Pathology. Disconnect. Projection. This Op-Ed is a Psych 101 textbook of symptoms. The Times should pay her with a straitjacket and some mood stabilizers. OK, that should be the currency for remunerating all of its Opinion columnists. 

These ongoing freak-outs about what Trump will do are based on not only the inherent mental instability of leftists, but on their ability to run with their version of Trump's time in office rather than what actually transpired. It wasn't a perfect presidency, but it was a good one. 


In reality, what the Democrats are really afraid of — although they won't admit it to themselves — is that Trump will do Republican things with a second term. 

They simply can't abide that. 

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