Trump Effect: Newsom Nervous About Latino Vote in Recall

Genaro Molina/Los Angeles Times via AP, Pool

Almost lost in the myriad messes that alleged President Joe Biden keeps making is the fact that the Democrats are perilously close to losing their second former golden boy governor in a big blue state this year. The California recall election is less than a fortnight away, and it’s pretty safe to say that the supporters of Gov. Gavin Newsom aren’t sleeping well these days.


As Rick wrote on Wednesday, the polling isn’t providing any comfort to the Newsom camp. The polls showing Newsom keeping his job are all well within some rather large margins of error. The slightest shift in the political wind could doom him.

That too-close-for-comfort math has Team Newsom worried about — of all things — the Latino turnout for the recall election.


LOS ANGELES — With two weeks of early voting left before the California recall election, Democrats are tracking a worrisome sign for Gov. Gavin Newsom and the party at large — the governor’s relative weakness with Latinos.

California is so solidly Democratic that it would take a near-total Democratic turnout collapse for Newsom to be recalled. But Latinos across the country shifted incrementally toward Donald Trump in 2020, with headline-grabbing defections from the Democratic Party in Florida and Texas in particular. Now, polls suggest this once reliable and fast-growing voting bloc for Democrats is softening on Newsom, even in this heavily Democratic state. It’s a reminder that Latino support for Democrats is not a given.


That’s right, ladies and gentlemen, the Democratic governor of California is worried that one of his pet voting blocs might go a little rogue.

What’s most stunning about this is that the Democrats in California have spent the last couple of decades throwing taxpayer money at illegal immigrants from Mexico in an attempt to keep the Latino vote beholden to them forever.

While they won’t admit it publicly, Democrats live in terror worrying about the day that minority voters in America wake up and realize that the Dems have never done anything for them and stop voting like a hive mind. That’s the reason that they keep calling Republicans racists.  The minority voting blocs have to be kept in such a panic that they don’t notice they’re being used by a bunch of rich, white Democrats. The residual agita that fuels the Democrats’ Trump Derangement Syndrome is the fact that all they accomplished with five years of calling Trump racist was to make more Latinos vote Republican.

Nothing exposes the Democrats’ hypocrisy on race more than how quick they are to condone racism when it’s directed at a Republican who’s a minority.


Newsom and his supporters have been trying to sell a narrative about this recall being driven by nothing more than a bunch of Trump people who already hated him. The reality is this: California is so overwhelmingly Democrat that the poll numbers wouldn’t be that close unless a lot of them were angry too.

My once-beloved California is now an overflowing toilet of Democratic abuse. The state is stupid enough to keep Marie Antoinette Newsom around. Because Democrats are truly racists at heart — they ONLY see color — they are terrified of a Black Republican replacing the Golden Boy.

At the very least, we can enjoy their misery for a couple more weeks.


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