The Morning Briefing: California Is Dumb Enough to Keep Gavin Newsom Around

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Farewell, California

Happy Friday, dear Kruiser Morning Briefing friends. Even the people who work at Speedo don’t wear Speedos.


I have written a lot these past few years about why I do and do not miss my beloved California. As I wrote in 2018, California left me more than I left it. The Golden State is still one of the most glorious places on Earth. It is also the greatest proof of how Democrats can ruin things.

When you take away the politics, everything about California is breathtaking. Sadly, Democrats dominate politics in the state and have for quite some time. As all sane people are aware, Democrats shouldn’t be left in charge of anything.


If ever a governor needed to be recalled, it’s California’s Gavin Newsom. Newsom has spent more than a year jockeying with Andrew Cuomo and Gretchen Whitmer for the title of “Worst Governor in America” based on their responses to the COVID pandemic.

Unlike New York, California law allows for the recall of governors. It’s also one of only two states to have ever successfully recalled a governor. All signs were pointing to Newsom getting the boot, but it’s starting to look like he may wriggle his way out of the predicament.

Victoria has the story:

The corrupt way in which California Governor Gavin Newsom rigged his recall election once again confirms why 1.7 million state voters signed the recall petition against him.

Newsom and his fellow Democrats reduced the state to the Banana Republic of California with their shameful moves leading to the September 14 recall date.

Ballots will begin flooding to Californians’ mail boxes — whether they asked for them or not under COVID-19 “emergency” rules — in mid-August because Newsom and his cronies changed the rules to move up the election by 30 days.

As I reported in February at PJ Media, the Democrats had a game plan for how to make an end-run around angry voters that included several things Newsom and his team are doing right now.


It would be great if California could get rid of the tyrant Newsom but that wouldn’t guarantee an improvement. As I wrote in March, California has a neverending parade of horrible Democrats. You get rid of one, another who is almost always worse shows up as a replacement. The leftist rot is complete there.

More and more, it looks like Newsom will be able to buy his way out of being recalled. That means that California will continue to hemorrhage residents to my beloved Arizona and Texas. California is the most populous state in America, so it can shrug off the people who are fleeing it.

For a while, anyway.

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