Kruiser's (Almost) Daily Distraction: My New Normal Involves a Lot of Canned Goods

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Please Pass the Prepper

Most of America seems to be moving into a post-pandemic adjustment phase. Even the residents of some of the more commie states are being allowed out of the house to play. Californians have hit the jackpot because Gavin Newsom wants to buy his way out of being recalled.

Here in the free state of Arizona, we’ve been adjusting to whatever “the new normal” is for longer than most places. I’ve gotten to socialize a lot, go to church, and be around people who were over all of this nonsense a long time ago. The last three times I’ve left my house I didn’t even take a mask with me. It’s not that I was drawing a line, it’s that I didn’t even think about it.

That’s living, my friends.

Back in the early Wuhan Bat Flu days we all became familiar with shortages. We survived the Great Toilet Paper Panic of 2020, but it got a lot of us thinking. The first thought that most of us had was, “The preppers had it right all along.”

The closest I ever got to prepping was having some of the basic earthquake preparedness stuff around when I lived in Los Angeles. After I moved back to Arizona I became more intrigued. I purchased a few things, but I’m not exactly ready for a long-haul zombie apocalypse here.

My ammo situation here isn’t perfect but it’s not bad. I keep adding to it but we all know how expensive that is right now.

What I need here is more food. I’ve got some dry rations and and a lot of those nutrition tablets, but some variety is needed. Rather than go out and buy a bunch of new stuff at once, I find myself throwing in a few canned goods every time I buy groceries now. I don’t really eat canned food but if the zombies do come I want to make sure that I’ll be enjoying some Spamburgers here in the Kruiser Bunker.


This new habit came about almost unconsciously. The transition from a plague to that thing that’s going on in the Oval Office right now just makes it sort of happen. And for the purposes of stocking up, cans of Hormel Chili are really economical.

It’s not in any of the prepper manuals but I might also want to start hoarding Beano.



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