Kruiser's 'Worst Week Ever'—I'm So Over COVID Creep Fauci

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Somebody Shut This Guy Up

The list of wearisome aspects to this Wuhan Chinese Bat Flu plague grows by the hour but there have been a few constants from the early days.

For example, there has been the endless virtue-signaling from the COVID panic-mongers who have really never done anything virtuous in their lives. They’re so depraved that they truly believe that wearing a mask in a Twitter profile pic elevates them to some sort of higher plane of being.

Then there are the “rules for thee but not for me” elected Democrats who have turned public health edicts into personal power play sexual fetishes, proving time and again that they don’t believe their own B.S. about public safety:

Even worse are the guilt-peddlers who can’t wait to go public to crap all over strangers in the name of COVID, like this witch:

Her situation had absolutely nothing to do with the other but it’s obvious this one didn’t get hugged enough by either parent. It’s also a reminder that the canonization of all front-line workers has been a bit premature.

My least favorite thing about the politicization of the bat flu, however, has been being told that I should listen to the hot, throbbing SCIENCE! of Dr. Anthony “Elf On a Shelf” Fauci.

Although Fauci has been on President Trump’s team, the Democrats love this guy, largely because he’s relentless with his COVID panic-porn pimping:

I think that the real reason the Dems love him though is that he is willing to change his SCIENCE! and medical opinions to conform to what the Dems find most politically favorable at the moment. The prime example of that is the way he constantly said that it wasn’t safe for kids to go back to school all the while President Trump was insisting that schools reopen. A successful return to some normalcy in schools would have been a nice boost for the president before the election.

Well, here we are a month after the election and  — YOU’RE GONNA WANNA SIT DOWN FOR THIS ONE — Dr. Full-of-It has changed his mind.

There are times when Fauci’s latest proclamation from on high is so nonsensical that I can swear he’s half baked. They really may want to think about random drug testing a little more in the Executive Branch.

All I want for Christmas is for Fauci to go away. He’s Public Enemy Number 1 when it comes to incoherent, whimsical pandemic policy. With his recent turnaround on the school issue, I’m beginning to believe that he may have been a Democratic plant this whole time. Yeah, I’ve got a new tinfoil hat.

Can you really blame me though?

Fauci is obviously in this for the spotlight time and nothing else. Unfortunately, he’ll probably get even more of it if Grandpa Gropes is inaugurated.

Either way, I won’t be listening.


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