The Kruiser Kabana Episode 36: What Are We Quarantine Binge-Watching?

I thought it was important to go with some more lighthearted fare after the last two episodes that were so. freaking. serious.

Obviously, there are a lot of people who have had a little more time on their hands than they perhaps wanted to for the past couple of months. As addictions we might avail ourselves of right now, binge-watching streaming content is one of the more healthy ones. I just want to know what you’ve been watching. There’s so much to keep up with that I’m sure I’m missing some opportunities.

What are you watching? Let me know!

Oh, I forgot to recommend Letterkenny on Hulu for comedy fans who don’t have language or sexual innuendo sensitivities.

Trust me.


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PJ Media Senior Columnist and Associate Editor Stephen Kruiser is the author ofDon’t Let the Hippies ShowerandStraight Outta Feelings: Political Zen in the Age of Outrage,” both of which address serious subjects in a humorous way. Monday through Friday he edits PJ Media’s “Morning Briefing.” His columns appear every Tuesday and Friday.


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