The Morning Briefing: 'Top Tier' Candidate Campaign Death Watch

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Let us remember this smug, condescending moment from Sen. Top Tier:


That will probably end up ranking second only to Howard Dean’s scream as an infamous and cringeworthy Democratic campaign moment. If political polling were done by the hour, it’s almost certain that the inexorable downward slide of Kamala Harris could be traced to about forty-five minutes after she had her very public moment of immodesty.

Flash Forward

Harris folded up shop in New Hampshire last week and has now put all of her eggs in the Iowa basket. As of this writing, Real Clear Politics has Harris in sixth place there.

What’s most stunning is that Harris has spent more time than any other candidate in Iowa over the past couple of months. If you look at the chart on RCP you can see that she has been cratering since September, indicating that she’s the kind of candidate who does worse once the voters get to know her better.

Almost Hillary Clinton-esque.

Harris has no natural fan base. Many on the left have been skeptical of her from the beginning because of her record as attorney general in California.

She has no particular political skills. Democrats in California don’t need them to get elected, they just need to have a lot of money behind them.

After Beto finally put a fork in his campaign, all eyes turned to Harris to see if she would be the next “big” name to go. In an obvious dig to Harris’s comment from last summer, The Hill lumped her into a group of “second-tier” candidates this past weekend.


To say that Harris’s campaign is on life support would be redefining “generous.” Even she knows that she’s toast. She recently pre-gamed her primary demise by playing both the race and sexism cards.

Once Harris follows Beto into presidential Has-Been Land, eighty-percent of the undeserved smugness will have been exorcised from the race. Yes, the rest are still insufferable, but these two were the cockiest, and watching them fall is rather delicious.

Start Your Week With a Laugh

Beto fans don’t have racism or sexism to blame for the demise of his political fortunes, and they certainly can’t find fault with Horse Mouth, so they’re turning their anger toward…the media.

Functioning adults won’t miss these idiots at all.

You Go, Girl!

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