Off Her Meds: AOC Says Trump's Attacks on Schiff Are 'Targeted' Anti-Semitism

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Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) probably says and tweets more remarkably ignorant things than anyone in Congress — perhaps more than anyone in the United States. Her latest attack on President Trump regarding his attacks on California Democrat Adam Schiff may be her dumbest hot-take yet.


Yes, the Democrats work from an identity politics-based playbook all of the time, but this is a stretch even when applying their ever-changing rules.

The post she’s tweeting here as a source for her charge is from The Intercept, and was written by Mehdi Hasan, a noted Iran and Ilhan Omar apologist.

Speaking of Omar, the most outrageously laughable aspect of this concern-trolling by AOC is the fact that half of her “Squad” are openly raging anti-Semites. Omar is so awful that she inspired a condemnation resolution by her own party after she had been in office only a month.

This is Barack Obama’s legacy. White males who are Catholic, Protestant, or atheist are the only people subject to public criticism. Democrats hide their lunacy behind identity shields.

Any criticism of Obama was racist.

Hillary lost because of sexism.


Say anything about AOC’s Squad and you are “attacking women of color.”

On it goes.

They do this, of course, because they don’t have arguments. They have noise and hyperbole. That’s why there has been no vote on an impeachment inquiry. They want media hysteria and chaos regarding impeachment more than anything.

Trump hates Schiff because Schiff hates Trump, it’s that simple.

And if you happen to meet anyone who truly believes that AOC is concerned about anti-Semitism, get them to a head trauma specialist immediately.


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