[VIDEO] 'The View' Panel Condemns Debra Messing's Call to Publicly Shame Trump Donors

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On Monday, Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar — the two longest-running cohosts of ABC’s “The View” — heavily criticized actress Debra Messing’s call for a pubic listing of individual donors who will be attending a private fundraising event in Beverly Hills for President Trump, likening it to McCarthyism.


This was Messing’s response on Friday to a tweet from The Hollywood Reporter:

Messing’s assertion that the public “has a right to know” takes on a more sinister quality in context. She was merely following the lead of her “Will and Grace” costar, who wasn’t as coy with his intentions:

Messing has been condoning the call for a modern-day blacklist by saying that donations are a matter of public record, and that she is proud to tell everyone which politicians she donates to. That’s easy for leftists to do because conservatives don’t try to ruin the careers of people we disagree with, which is what she plainly wants to do.

Add to that the fact that the mainstream American Left has been excusing and normalizing harassment and violence being committed against Trump supporters and Messing’s call to action becomes even more problematic.


When co-host Sunny Hostin offered a variation of Messing’s justification and added the disclaimer that she’s not calling for violence against anyone, Behar interjects, “but that’s what happens.”

Whoopi followed that up by noting that “people ended up killing themselves” during the original blacklist days.

Here’s the video of the full segment:


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