Trump Hits Twitter to Reaffirm That Cummings Is a Lousy Representative

(AP Photo/Gerry Broome)

President Trump took to his favorite vehicle to reach the American people — Twitter — again on Sunday to once again prove that he isn’t one to wilt in the face of another coordinated hostile media attack.



The media and Democrats (redundant, I know) have spent the weekend screaming “RAAAAAAACISM!” over Trump’s comments when in reality he was, as anyone who has ever been to West Baltimore can attest, just giving an accurate description. An opinion that could have been considered bipartisan consensus a few days ago suddenly became a racist screed merely because Trump said it.

I did a quick little experiment today and came to this conclusion:

Back to the president. He wasn’t done trolling Cummings and the Dems with that one tweet. He did a slow rollout of couple more. First, he decided to counter the racism charges by flipping the tables:


Those two tweets alone are enough to get everyone at CNN and MSNBC barking like agitated Sea World seals. President Trump decided to throw one more in to really raise the cacophony at both places to ear-splitting levels:

It’s too bad that he didn’t decide to do this until after the Sunday news shows had aired. Little Georgie Stephanopoulos’s foot-stomping reaction alone would have been worth paying for.

Rest assured that there will be no defending of Cummings’s record with any burdensome facts. The media will just keep screaming “Racism!” until they’re hoarse because they once again need to deflect.


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