Line for Trump's 2020 Launch Rally Forms More Than a Day and a Half Early

(AP Photo/Eric Gay)

The polls may not be in President Trump’s favor at the moment but the crowds are still turning out to see him.

Haven’t we heard this story before?


The Hill:

Though President Trump is not officially launching his re-election campaign until Tuesday at 8 p.m., supporters have already started lining up in hopes of scoring entry to the Orlando, Fla. rally.

Lines began forming at the Amway Center in the wee hours of Monday morning, according to News6 in Orlando, with eight people camping out as early as 2:30 a.m—more than 40 hours before the rally.

The president hit Twitter early Monday morning to crank up the hype machine:


While Orlando isn’t Manhattan or Los Angeles, it isn’t exactly flyover country either. The mainstream media hacks will have a difficult time dismissing the crowd size with their typical condescension and disdain for all things Middle America.

The largest crowds most of the Democrats who are running to unseat President Trump will see are going to be on stage during the primary debates.


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