Pelosi Still Resisting AOC's Nonstop Impeachment Tantrum

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Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) is not happy with her boss:

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez accused her fellow Democrats of “sitting on their hands” on the question of whether to begin an impeachment inquiry into the president. And she said she isn’t satisfied with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s approach to the issue.

“I think that an impeachment inquiry is right on our doorstep,” the freshman lawmaker told CNN on Tuesday. “If now isn’t the time … what is the bar, what is the line that we’re waiting to be crossed for an impeachment inquiry, and so far it doesn’t seem like there is one.”


The list of things AOC doesn’t understand grows by pages every day, but that’s OK, the media have a stupidity fetish and continue to fawn over her. As far as she knows, she’s brilliant.

That’s why she thinks that she understands the accruing and spending of political capital better than the woman who is now on her second go-round as Speaker of the United States House of Representatives.

Pelosi was pushing back against impeachment talk even before she reclaimed the Speaker’s gavel and in March said she was against it because it is “divisive.”

While I obviously don’t agree with Pelosi on, well, anything, I have never once doubted her political chops. She plays the game very well. A lesser politician would have been out on her ear after losing the House for her party.

Pelosi remained the most powerful Democratic woman in Congress and coasted back into the Speaker’s office once her party retook the House.

Impeachment proceedings are a dog-and-pony show that would do little more than provide some red meat via CNN and MSNBC to the people who are already going to vote for a Democrat next year anyway.

Halfwit AOC and many of the desperate-to-distinguish-themselves Democratic presidential candidates don’t grasp that.

Nancy Pelosi does:


While the media focuses on gushing over whatever inanity is issuing forth from AOC’s mouth that nanosecond, Pelosi is focused on political reality.


Brushing back calls for impeachment, Speaker Nancy Pelosi said Tuesday “it’s not even close” to having enough support in the House

None of this is likely to faze AOC. She could boldly proclaim that 1+1=78 and the MSM would crown her the heir to Isaac Newton.

Nancy Pelosi is better at math than her unruly newcomer and that’s keeping her firmly grounded in her position.

The House Democrats’ impeachment chorus is better at making noise, however, and that is sadly all too often enough to win political skirmishes these days.


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