NY Times' Kristof Offers '12-Step Program' for Dealing with Trump

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It’s been over a week and the entertainment value of the anguish of the #ImWithHer hasn’t diminished one bit. In today’s episode of “I Can’t Believe Adults Are Behaving This Way,” we find Nicholas Kristof of The New York Times making quite a mess in his emotional diaper.


If this were in a publication that didn’t take itself so seriously, one could imagine that Kristof meant to be lighthearted or tongue-in-cheek. Not at the Times though, where every syllable must be read with a scowl and an upturned nose. Here is the intro to the piece that defenders of the MSM realm will insist was delivered mostly in jest:

Traumatized by the election results, many Americans are asking: What now? Here are steps that any of us can take that can make a difference at the margins. Onward!

In a more sane time, everyone would respond with a little “Ha-ha” to that, because rational people don’t get traumatized by election results, right? Maybe a few unstable people, but surely not millions of them.

Until this year.

Disgruntled Democrats haven’t just moved the goal posts on the parameters of “trauma,” they’ve gotten rid of them completely. We’ve seen universities giving students opportunities to grieve as if there had been a mass murder on campus. After several days of people lighting things on fire and then dousing the fires with their tears, it’s nigh impossible to make a case that they’re kidding about being traumatized.

On the surface, some of Kristof’s words would be welcome. He talks about accepting the loss and not demonizing people on the other side.


Then he says he would support the Southern Poverty Law Center. The SPLC is an institutionalized hotbed of intolerance masquerading as a monitor of hate groups. In fact, it’s practically a hate group itself.

Also, after promising to not demonize, Kristof promises to make sure the needy aren’t forgotten while the GOP does nothing but focus on tax cuts for the wealthy. Because all Republicans hate poor people, get it?

If, however, Kristof sticks to his “Step 8” there may be hope for him yet:

8. I WILL resist dwelling in an echo chamber. I will follow smart people on Twitter or Facebook with whom I disagree. I will also try to enlarge my social circle to include people with different views, recognizing that diversity is a wonderful thing — and that if I know only Clinton supporters, then I don’t have a clue about America.

Political diversity is anathema to coastal media types, so this is a big, um, step for Kristof to even recognize the need for it. Given that, I hope he is serious, if only to turn down the noise for the next election.


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