Deranged Envirohippies Create the 'Ecosexual Bathhouse'

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On the off chance that 2016 hasn’t brought enough weirdness into your life, there is an exhibition in Sydney, Australia, right now that displays what happens when climate hysteria, performance art, and the products of indifferent parenting are combined and go horribly, horribly awry (LANGUAGE WARNING FOR THE LINK).


If you happen to find yourself in Sydney this week, you have the unique opportunity to have sex with the earth. You just need to stop by the “ecosexual bathhouse,” which is currently part of the Syndey LiveWorks Festival of experimental art. The bathhouse is an interactive installation created by artists Loren Kronemyer and Ian Sinclair of Pony Express, who described the work to me as a “no-holds-barred extravaganza meant to dissolve the barriers between species as we descend into oblivion” as the result of our global environmental crisis. But they also see their piece as a part of a much larger ecosexual movement, which they say is gathering momentum around the world.

And they may be right. Jennifer Reed, a PhD candidate in sociology at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, is writing a dissertation on ecosexuality, and says that the number of people who identify as ecosexuals has increased markedly in the past two years. And Google search data confirms that interest in the term has spiked dramatically over the past year. We may look back on 2016 as the year ecosexuality hit the mainstream.

You know how it is, you’re sitting around drinking with your friends and after the buzz kicks in the talk invariably turns to ways to “dissolve the barriers between species.”

If you’re wondering whether they are actually serious about that…yeah. I had the, um, opportunity to see the enviroloons in action at a UN Climate Conference a few years ago and saw what their vision for our future is.


Think, early American pioneer life. They’d be happy if almost every modern household convenience went the way of the dodo.

There is a delicious amount of irony in the fact that the people in the throes of hysteria about the imminent demise of the species because of climate change are the ones making the strongest case that we probably should be wiped out.

I saw this coming a few years ago when I wrote Don’t Let The Hippies Shower. In fact, I brought it up on the first page:

Those first generation, 1960’s prototype hippies were big fans of mud sex. This isn’t to say that they were having adult relations with mud, although that can’t be ruled out, as psychedelic drugs tend to greatly reduce one’s level of discrimination.

That’s just the thing these days — every time I imagine something completely absurd for humorous purposes, it comes true.

Who knows, maybe we’ll get lucky and Earth will break up with the hippies. We can finally put this climate change hysteria behind us.


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