New York Times Oh-So Concerned that Hillary Clinton May Be Running Against a Womanizer

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Welcome to yet another installment in The Year of You Just Can’t Make This Stuff Up.

I won’t quote from this puff of noxious gas from journalism’s decaying corpse, I’ll just share the headline and its accompanying picture:
Trump NY Times Women


It has been fairly well established here that I am not an ardent Trump supporter. I do still have an obligation to roundly mock media bias whenever and wherever I find it, however.

In any other election year this would just be a classic left-wing media hit piece on a Republican. This particular year gives it several layers of contextual “Oh no you didn’t!” though.

First, doing what is supposed to be a smoking gun exposé on a figure who has been in the public eye in a big way for three decades is a bit of a fool’s errand. Donald Trump’s flaws and strengths have been on display since MTV still played music videos and that may very well serve as the perfect armor for whatever the pro-Hillary press hordes have in store for him.

Trump doesn’t humbly say, “Please accept me, warts and all”; he screams, “I have the best warts you have ever seen and they’re only going to get better!” Then his supporters chant in unison, “Aren’t his warts dreamy?”

This guy isn’t hiding from his character flaws; he’s building an entire campaign on them. Perhaps the Times should, I don’t know, read a newspaper or something.

Naturally, the media won’t be able to help themselves on this topic. Hillary’s only real hope in November is if practically every eligible female voter turns out for her. Almost none of the young ones have voted for her in primaries. Mrs. Bill is going to have to play the Woman Card ad nauseam to stand a chance, and the press will dutifully try to prop her up. Heck, they’ve already spent twenty years pretending she’s actually an accomplished, strong woman, so they can pretty much talk themselves into anything at this point.


The tricky part in all of this narrative building is in how the candidate it is supposed to help responds. The general MSM/Democrat formula is that the media stealthily puts negative ideas about a Republican into play upon which the Democrat opponent can seize.

Is there anyone in America who can take Hillary Clinton seriously if she starts railing against a married man’s womanizing and generally poor treatment of women? Could she even get through the first sentence without cackling at herself? BILL CLINTON’S WIFE, PEOPLE.

Maybe those young women who aren’t voting for her will be moved by this. That has to be the Times‘ only sound rationale here.

Nah, I’m sticking with “they just can’t help themselves.”


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