Nailed It: The Onion Predicted Trump's Rise in 2012

(h/t to my friends Ben Howe and Jim Jamitis for this)

Onion Ball of Rage

One of the more common phrases on social media and in the blogosphere these past few years has been “Not The Onion”. In Obama’s Post-America America, the headlines often seem like parody or satire upon first glance, but aren’t. In all my years as a comedian, I have been a fan of employing reductio ad absurdum but have found that lately some of the absurd examples I thought were impossible are becoming true with alarming frequency.


We have now reached the point where The Onion is a more reliable news source than the New York Times (some would say we’ve been there for years).

So, while this Onion post didn’t exactly mention Trump by name, it’s easy to see that the Sphere of Rage and Der Orangenführer share some characteristics.

Here is the link to the original.

By the way, enjoy The Onion while you can, we’ve got two free speech nightmares looming on the horizon.


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