Media Hacks Who Have Never Voted Republican Continue To Tout Jeb Bush For 2016

Drivel, drivel, toil and snivel

Two months ago, I predicted that Jeb Bush would be the Republican nominee for president in 2016. The case was simple. With Chris Christie’s nascent presidential campaign fatally imploding and the rest of the GOP field too weak to stop the Hillary Clinton juggernaut, a panicked Republican establishment was bound to turn to a known, safe, and relatively centrist quantity to serve as its standard bearer.


There are many more words in the article but that first paragraph was all that he really wanted to say:

Real conservative candidates weak, Hillary JUGGERNAUT!”

“Juggernaut” in this case actually means, “The Democrats have a pathetically weak bench”. Elizabeth Warren does have supporters on that side of the aisle and still may be a candidate but beyond those two…they’ve got nothing. Sure, Crazy Joe the Wonder Veep could make things interesting in a “dog trying to lick peanut butter off the roof of his mouth” kind of way for a few months but nobody outside of his head takes him seriously.

So they have to work overtime to establish that Hillary is THE STRONGEST CANDIDATE EVER AND SUPER INEVITABLE.

Just like she was in 2008.

The “moderates are the GOP’s only hope” argument is made by both the Democrats in the media and the old guard in the Republican party, which is yet another reason not to trust them.


I have no hope that the old guard will finally learn not to listen to what the media is telling them what’s best but I do think there might be enough voters who are grasping that it’s a bad idea.



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