Recall Effort Against Pelosi-Picked Mayor Of San Diego Gets Going

Getting rough for old Onion Breath…

San Diego’s embattled mayor, facing sexual harassment allegations from a string of women, was dealt a setback on Friday when a liberal Democrat and a Republican businessman joined forces in a campaign to force a recall election.

Bob Filner, the 70-year-old Democratic mayor of California’s second-largest city, has faced mounting pressure to resign over a sexual harassment lawsuit filed against him last month by his former press secretary, who accused him of telling her she would work better without panties.


This cretin would have been shamed out of office weeks ago were he Republican but, as the co-founder (with Botox Hag Pelosi) of the California Progressive Caucus, he is without shame.

Side note: aren’t Filner, Weiner and Spitzers three of the creepiest looking dudes you have ever seen? Horror movies can’t make up faces that awful.



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