MSNBC Host Yamiche Alcindor Attacks Trump, Hits Self in Spectacular Self-Own

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White House correspondent and alleged journalist Yamiche Alcindor wins today’s Most Hysterical Self-Own Award for her tweets attacking President Donald Trump referring to rioters as “anarchists.”


On Sunday, POTUS urged Democratic mayors and governors — where the riots have been most riotous — to “get tough” in dealing with the violence.

Trump doubled down today on describing what appear to be Antifa thugs as anarchists with this video tweet.

“Anarcho-fascists” might be a better way to describe Antifa, but who am I to quibble with the president when he’s on a roll?

Alcindor on the other hand protested (Ha! See what I did there?) against Trump’s word choice.

Yamiche Alcindor

But Alcindor couldn’t stop herself at a single tweet merely expressing an opinion. She went on (and on) with a photo tweet that demolished her case.

Yamiche Alcindor

Drew Holden noticed a little something wrong with one of Alcindor’s photos.

Yamiche Alcindor

Do you see what’s wrong?

Let’s zoom in a little closer on the shirtless white guy, because he’s obviously doing something wrong — other than having forgotten to say “No” to crack.


What is it he’s doing with that spraypaint?

Yamiche Alcindor

Forget for a moment that mobs roaming the streets, committing random acts of violence, is the very definition of anarchy. Maybe Alcindor has a different definition of the word, where it means whatever Donald Trump doesn’t mean for it to mean.

But our graffiti “artist” is spraypainting the widely-recognized Letter-A-Inside-a-Circle anarchy symbol in the middle of a photograph Alcindor used to prove Trump had no evidence for calling these anarchists, anarchists.

Yamiche Alcindor is apparently aware of her self-own and has since deleted the first tweet, but screencaps are forever.

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