Biden's Presidency Is Only Three Days Old and He's Already Roused the Sleeping Giant

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The first three days of the Biden presidency have felt like drinking from a firehose as the new administration rushes at breakneck speed to reinstall Obama-era policy—and then some. It might feel exhausting to contemplate at least two years of Democrats acting like they have a mandate to drag the country to the left. In reality, only 8% of voters identify themselves as progressive activists, according to a Hidden Tribes survey. Yet, it’s this group’s preferred policies that the Biden administration seems to be rushing to implement.

This group of voters is also very loud, can get people into the streets, and gets pumped up by the corporate media, Hollywood, and Big Tech, so it seems as if they are much bigger than they are. It is why the first items from President Trump’s legacy that President Biden reversed are policies on immigration, the so-called “Muslim ban,” the 1776 Commission, and the ban on critical-race theory training. He threw in a considerable expansion of transgender rights as a bonus.

It is easy to get discouraged. However, there is some good news. Because of the radical nature of Biden’s stated policies, the opposition is already forming. It appears the donor class is interested in funding more than campaigns. The Tea Party started in the wake of Obamacare, a sleeping giant slowly waking up to fight policies and laws that do not have majority support.

On Glenn Beck’s Wednesday night show, Megyn Kelly appeared to discuss how to navigate the next four years. She shared that she was consulting with legal groups forming to help litigate policies that may violate the law. She gave the example of critical-race theory training: “When your company comes to you and tells you you have to sit through a corporate seminar telling you you’re a white supremacist by virtue of an immutable characteristic, something you have no control over, which the law does not allow the federal government or even private industry, in some cases, to stigmatize and use against you, get a lawyer,” Kelly advised.

Of course, legal representation can be expensive and somewhat daunting. There are, however, groups where lawyers will volunteer time to take on cases in the workplace and educational system so that regular Americans can have their day in court.

City Journal writer and director of the Discovery Institute’s Center on Wealth & Poverty, Christopher Rufo, is working on something similar, focusing specifically on critical-race theory training. He has been publishing stories on this type of activity in the federal government, school districts, and private employers. Many people credit him for prompting President Trump’s ban on that type of material.

Because of the scope of the problem, Rufo stresses the need for a decentralized movement. He says a small group of parents in a school district can end these programs in the classroom. To support a decentralized movement, he is recruiting volunteer lawyers, with several already willing to donate time. This group will be launching a site with resources and information sharing, and Rufo will continue exposing these programs through investigative journalism. People interested in this movement, and Rufo’s work, can sign up for updates, share their stories, or volunteer.

Investigative reporter John Solomon appeared on “American Thought Leaders” to discuss the Capitol Riot investigation and Big Tech censorship. He said conservatives need to catch up with the radical left’s ability to influence our institutions. He says the right was outmaneuvered in altering election laws and has been too slow in dealing with Big Tech. However, there is hope:

A lot of the donor base I’ve been talking to in the last few weeks realize they’ve been underfunding or not had their eye on the ball on things as important as we need a server farm that won’t silence conservative voices. We need an alternative to Twitter and Facebook. We loved it but, boy, we’re no longer served by it. There are news organizations that no longer represent the truth in our minds, meaning conservatives minds. This is the donor speaking. We need to create new news outlets like the Epoch Times and Just the News that try to give the truth without a twist or a bend to it. I think there is going to be a substantial investment in the conservative money donor base long before they start picking their candidates for 2022 and 2024.

I am working with a group of volunteers, making a list of purple-district Democrats in the House that survived 2020. We are tracking legislation and mounting social media, e-mail, and call-in campaigns to let them know they vote lockstep with Nancy Pelosi on radical legislation at their peril in the next cycle. Several had tough races and are wary of the Squad. Their internal battle is every bit as contentious as anything going on among the Republicans.

When it is complete, the list, standard e-mails, and social media messaging will be available to the public. In the meantime, program the congressional switchboard number, (202) 224-3121, into your phone. We will watch history repeat itself as Democrats overreach because they think they have a mandate that doesn’t exist. Conservatives won from 2010, straight through 2016. In 2020 we won back seats in the House and expanded control of state governments. It is time to get energetic and find the muscle memory from being in the opposition for eight years to do it again.

WATCH John Solomon’s full comments on censorship


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