Well Done, Everyone: Left-Wing PAC Crowdfunds Georgia Billboards to Divide Republicans

ActBlue billboard in Georgia, intended to divide Republicans ahead of the 2021 Senate runoffs. Image from tweet.

Can everyone in Georgia please take a deep breath? We have a Senate runoff to win, and you are giving out-of-state ne’er-do-well’s a fundraising and interference opportunity.


First, Andrew Yang noted his joy at the intraparty war going on in the state over election irregularities.

Now, Really American, a progressive PAC, is the latest entrant into the fray. They are framing these billboards as something that’s being done by angry Trump supporters. They are not:

As a Georgia resident, I don’t know what a Georgia “Trumper” is. The president had 93% Republican support, up from his 2016 share. Most of the people I know who voted for him in the state did it for economic reasons. As Gallup noted, 56% of registered voters said they were better off than they were four years ago, even post-pandemic. It may shock Brooklyn Dad, but most Americans vote in their own economic interests. He and his wife view the government a little differently:


It’s stunning that adults think this way. However, it may explain why New Yorkers live under the dystopian rule of Comrade di Blasio and the second-dumbest Cuomo, Governor Andrew. Government is your daddy.

Assuming most voters in Georgia vote in their own interest, let’s make a quick comparison. New York is run by progressive leaders like the ones Brooklyn Dad wants to be elected to the Senate. Georgia is under Republican control. Voters should evaluate the results of these policy differences and vote accordingly.

In Georgia, our post-pandemic unemployment rate is 4.9% as of the end of October. There are no budget cuts expected, we maintained a AAA credit rating, and our Rainy-Day Fund is intact. Except for those destroyed by rioters this summer, thanks to inaction from progressive Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms, our small businesses largely survived. Governor Brian Kemp stopped the damage, sending out the National Guard when an eight-year-old girl was killed.

Georgia residents are free to associate, make good personal decisions about addressing the health crisis, and our pandemic stats are far better than New York’s. Children are back in school, playing sports, and receiving the education and socialization they need to stay on track.


In New York, residents are fleeing, especially from New York City. In the city, unemployment is currently 13.6%. The state will likely lose representation in Congress after the census. New data shows that almost one-third of small businesses in New York and New Jersey closed for good during the pandemic. Residents can’t go to church. Schools have closed, reopened, and then closed again. But riots and mass protests went on unabated. Murders and violent crime are skyrocketing in the city at startling rates.

It is so bad that one bar owner declared his business an “autonomous zone” so he could pay his bills.  The state’s financial position is so bad after decades of mismanagement that it is on Nancy Pelosi’s list of states that needed a bailout in the HEROES Act. And if you are watching, the anti-Semitism in the city is real.

If you let people like Brooklyn Dad and his PAC divide Georgia Republicans, it is progressive policies those in New York that will be made into federal law. In general, Georgia voters should not listen to anyone who comes from a state or a city that fails to keep their residents safe and prosperous. This includes Stacey Abrams and her Hollywood friends. California suffers from many of the same issues as New York, was on the list for a bailout, and has disastrous energy policies that cause rolling blackouts.


It is no small wonder that Senate candidates John Ossoff and Raphael Warnock receive most of their funding from out of the state. The progressive agenda would make the lives of middle- and working-class Georgians less prosperous and less secure as they do in New York and California. So, our Republican leaders need to unite today around opposing these policies by electing Perdue and Loeffler and stop airing dirty laundry in public. Today.

And Brooklyn Dad and the Hollywood crew should fix their own backyards before coming to play in Georgia’s. We are doing just fine.

Get It Together, GOP. The Georgia Senate Runoffs Are Not Going to Win Themselves


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