SMOD Awakens? Massive Asteroid 'Taller than the Empire State Building' Approaches Earth

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Just a few more days and the dumpster fire known as 2020 will score another one. A Chinese virus, national lockdowns, left-wing riots nationwide, and now this: NASA is tracking an asteroid that will approach Earth on Saturday.


PJ Media Editor Bryan Preston must be credited for the perfect summary of this news. The theme song for 2020 just became “You ain’t seen nothing yet.” Because murder hornets, an Ebola outbreak, stalker kangaroos, weren’t enough. Millions of cicadas are waiting to emerge and Krakatoa has already erupted. Lord 2020, you have really outdone yourself.

Forgive the dark humor, but it seems even the Yellowstone geysers are getting into the act.

Now NASA’s Centre for Near Earth Object Studies is telling us an asteroid larger than the Empire State Building is set to skim the Earth’s orbit on Saturday.

It is estimated to be between 250m and 570m (820ft and 1870ft) – so it could be taller than the Empire State Building (443m or 1453ft) and the London Eye (135m or 443ft) combined.

NASA have classed the asteroid as an Aten asteroid, which is a space rock following a very wide orbit around the Sun.

For all you amateur stargazers, it is expected to whiz by at about 5:20 pm Eastern. It will be traveling at over 11,000 miles an hour. Aten asteroids cross Earth’s orbit but seldom get within a few million miles of the planet. Smaller ones generally burn up if they enter our atmosphere. This is just one of the asteroids that are expected to pass near Earth this month. However, it is by far the largest. On June 24th, one approximately half the size will pass.


If an Aten asteroid burns up in the Earth’s atmosphere it will cause a bright explosion in the sky and can release energy equivalent to numerous atomic bombs. Often this energy absorbed by the atmosphere, but in some cases, it can cause damage to earth without actually hitting it. This happened in 2013 over Chelyabinsk, Russia:

An asteroid also may have exploded over Tunguska, Russia on June 30, 1908. So we have an anniversary coming up.

Technically, SMOD stands for Sweet Meteor of Death. However, the terms “meteor” and “asteroid” are often used interchangeably as you can see in the video title above.

Inevitably an account by this name pops up before every presidential election (language warning). The timeline always mocks current political issues. Here is SMOD’s response to the pandemic:

Often entertaining, the account has a point. Americans really need to get it together.

Today the Senate Judiciary Committee interviewed former Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein. Our leaders appear to live in two different streams. One based in reality and one based in a three-year-old debunked narrative.

Left-wing revolutionaries are whipping up riots all over the nation. Cities that were bustling economic centers just four months ago look like Middle East war zones now. We still have a virus circulating that is particularly dangerous to the infirm and elderly.


The asteroid on the 6th is not expected to enter the Earth’s atmosphere. Maybe it should. Perhaps a large concussing event would bring everyone back to their senses. Then we might be able to focus on being fortunate enough to live in the most prosperous and free society ever to grace the Earth.

Perhaps we could focus on making it an even better place to live going forward, rather than asking our fellow citizens to kneel for things that happened decades and centuries ago. So many windows have already been knocked out, I am not sure an asteroid’s mid-air blast would make much difference in that regard.

Unfortunately, it seems we are destined to keep tempting fate.  It just may take a tragedy bigger than the one that we have created ourselves to wake up from this national nightmare.

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