$100 Prize for the Best Conspiracy Theory

Image by Michael Knoll from Pixabay

Forget the Illuminati, the Bilderbergers, the Trilateral Commission and the Freemasons: A Syrian website claims to have uncovered the ultimate conspiracy for world domination–a Zionist-Chinese conspiracy! According to the Elder of Ziyon blog, “Step News is apparently a US-based Syrian-oriented Arabic news site. Although I had never heard of it, it seems to have achieved some popularity — over 5 million followers on Facebook. On Thursday, it published and broadcast a 12 minute documentary about how Chinese Jews (“Zionists”) are partnering with Israel to take over the world.”

Here’s what Step News reports in summary:

A Chinese Jewish secret group
1.4 billion people live in China, but a few thousand of them are not like the rest, for they are the the Jews of China, who have become what is being set up to be a secret Chinese Zionist lobby. Their leaders meet in centers in Shanghai, the most important center for Jewish activity in China, in addition to two centers in Beijing. Meanwhile leaks continue about a hidden conflict between Israeli and Chinese intelligence. The Chinese Zionist lobby attempts to Judaize the Chinese with the aim of penetrating Chinese society and waiting for the right moment with China removing America from the throne of the world as a military, economic and technological superpower, which paves the way for Israel to jump into the embrace of the Chinese global power immediately.  But when will this happen?
Everyone’s got a conspiracy theory. Even I have one, about the Kennedy assassination (spoiler alert: It was arranged by a committee composed of Allen Dulles, Fidel Castro, Sam Giancana and Jackie). So tell us yours.
Just for fun, I’m offering a $100 prize for the best original conspiracy theory. Don’t expect to win by cutting and pasting QAnon, or repeating old material about Jews, Illuminati, Bilderbergers, George Soros and so forth. Points will be given for originality as well as content. Put down your bug-out pack, engage the safety on your AR-15, take off your tinfoil cap and come back on the grid long enough to tell us who’s really behind everything.
You don’t have to be paranoid to win. But it helps.