Republicans Should Denounce Obama for Funding EgyptianTerrorists

It is a disgrace that the US government has held direct talks with the Muslim Brotherhood, and an outrage that that America is accelerating aid payments to Egypt to support a government dominated by the Muslim Brotherhood and other pro-terrorist, anti-American extremists. The Brotherhood won 47% of seats in Egypt’s parliament, and along with other extreme Islamist parties controls about three-quarters of the total. Reuters reports:


DAVOS, Switzerland, Jan 25 (Reuters) – U.S. President Barack Obama plans to accelerate the pace of American aid to Egypt, a top State Department official said on Wednesday, as the most populous Arab nation reaches a critical stage in its uncertain transition away from autocratic rule.

Undersecretary of State Robert Hormats, part of a U.S. delegation that held unprecedented talks last week with Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood, said Washington wanted to provide “more immediate benefits” to Egyptians, who earlier this month conducted their first democratic elections in decades.

“During this period, we want to be as supportive as we can. This is an historic moment. Egypt’s a country of enormous importance,” Hormats said.

Under the plan, some non-urgent U.S. aid slated for other countries – he did not name them – would be redirected to Egypt. And funding in the pipeline for long-term programs in Egypt would be shifted to quick-impact projects, he said.

This is the same Muslim Brotherhood that is infiltrating terrorists into the United States, according to the director of the FBI.  Now it is in position to control a military establishment created by the United States that includes, among other things, more than two hundred F-16’s.


The Egyptian people are free to choose any party they please, but if they choose parties that are embittered and implacable enemies of the United States and Western freedom in general, we should not help them consolidate their rule. Fortunately, $2 billion here and there won’t help Egypt very much; that’s roughly 2 weeks’ of flight capital leaving the country. American foreign aid will simply help the military kleptocrats who ran Egypt for decade to move more of their private fortunes out of the country, before the Islamists lock the country down. And there is no reason for American taxpayers to subsidize the London townhouses and Paris apartments and Monaco yachts of the Egyptian generals.


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