The NEA Is a Racist and Evil Organization

I got something from one of my readers about the Final Report of the NEA (National Education Association) Resolutions Committee, and it was so outlandish I almost dismissed it out of hand.


I’m glad I didn’t. I went poking, and yeah, okay, it’s outlandish and … well, it’s true.

Read this while remembering that these people have control of every school in the country (except for a few private ones, which, frankly, tend to follow the same program, so they can be accredited and feed kids into the same higher education — holds back metaphor on effluvium — stream.) Read it remembering that these people have control of your (and everyone’s) children, 8 hours a day for twelve years of their lives.

Ask yourself if your kids wouldn’t be better off doing just about anything, including wandering the woods or playing video games, in that time.

These days, when even most college graduates are having trouble writing a coherent sentence, much less a coherent page, and when people with a high school education are unable to add the price of your lunch without a register or a calculator, what is the NEA passionately concerned about?

If you guessed “white supremacy,” you are right. You are also probably a teacher because no one in their right mind could possibly assume that the National Education Association would be MOST worried about white supremacy.

The Southern Poverty Law Center, a hard-left think tank, estimates that there are between five thousand and eight thousand members of the KKK.  This is probably double or more the real number, and besides, they fail to subtract the likely number of FBI informants per cell — but never mind, let’s pretend that they’re right.


Further, let’s go completely crazy nuts and posit that there are other white supremacist organizations that have ten times as many people. Then let’s be generous and double that, and say there are 200,000 people who are actually white supremacists in the U.S.

For a definition, white supremacists are those who believe that people of pure white race (if you can find any, maybe in a really isolated village) are superior to all others and therefore should occupy every position of importance and power, while anyone with a touch of the tar (or I presume the saffron) brush must be kept out of those.

Let’s say there are 200,000 people in the U.S. who believe that. (There almost certainly aren’t. The number is likely to be a 100th of that, give or take, but never mind.)

To put this in perspective, that’s out of a population of over 300 million. That would mean one in 150 people has that opinion. The chances of your average teacher coming in contact with a child who believes this is rather low but possible.  And if they do, then they should address it with that child, not inflict it on the rest of the 149.

Guys, given the percentage of minor mental illness and strange people (often both of these hit high-IQ people, because to believe something completely insane you need more IQ points) it’s likely that more than that number of people believe they can hear the thoughts of animals… or plants.  It’s perfectly likely that more than that number of Americans believe that if they spray every windowsill with glass cleaner, demons won’t get in.


What is lost in those studies of “X number of Americans believe Y” is how massive and yeah (truly) diverse this country is.  The Europeans marvel at “X number of Americans believe Y” without realizing this means that some crazy people believe pretty much every crazy thing, and because of the sheer size of our population a few isolated nuts amount to a lot of people.

For instance according to Google — and no, I don’t believe this for a moment, but Google is every bit as credible as the Southern Poverty Law Center — twenty percent of Americans believe that the Earth is flat. That would mean sixty million Americans believe the Earth is flat.

So, taking the Google numbers at their face value, you meet a person in four who believes the Earth is flat.  Given the implications to calculations, navigation, etc., this would seem to be a much bigger crisis for the National EDUCATION Association, one they could justly emphasize in their resolutions and use to explain the need for greater science education.

Instead, we have this paragraph in their Resolutions (emphasis mine):

That entire paragraph is so wrong it isn’t even in the same universe as the rest of us.  Note that “white supremacy culture” is supposed to manifest itself not in plain old racism, or in people of color being held out of positions of power (as Obama pretty much torpedoed that), but in institutional and structural racism and “white privilege.”  For those who have not received their hymnal but are following along at home, let’s translate that to what it is: what it means is: “White people are still getting into some positions of power, and we don’t like it.”  Or alternately: “The people we’ve spent years indoctrinating people to believe that everything that goes wrong is because The Man is keeping them down aren’t doing well in the free market, so there must be really super sikrit hidden racism.”


Note that the invisible benefits of white privilege conferred “irrespective” (Good lord, is this how they use English? The correct word is “regardless”) of wealth, gender and the ever-popular “other factors” severely limit the opportunities for people of color. How?  Well, because “Some white people are doing well, and we don’t like that.”

Note also that apparently the NEA views as one of its objectives “racial and social justice.”

Apparently, the people running the teacher’s association are stupid enough to think you can do justice to entire groups, instead of just creating massive injustice to individuals by assuming everyone with the same skin color is a widget and indistinguishable from everyone else with the same skin color. (Found the racists!)

That strategy thingy in the last sentence?  Yep, the NEA wants to indoctrinate your kids of every race to believe that everything bad in society is the fault of white people.  And then they wonder why people who tan aren’t doing as well as they want them to.  Maybe they think it’s perfectly okay, so long as white people are no longer doing well?

And then there’s this note, by people who are in charge of teaching our children to be able to read, write, and speak in a way that makes sense:

Really?  Note the association recognizes the danger of any group that marginalizes ANYONE based on race. So do we, NEA, so do we.


By your very words, you are condemned.  Go now and abolish the effects of your acolytes’ poisonous influence on America’s children.

Because we’ve had enough of you.


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