Ron Rosenbaum

Now the Violence of Town Hall/Tea Party Rhetoric Has Infected Previously Sane Republicans

It’s beginning to look like a contest to see who can sound more thuggish.

Gov. Tim Pawlenty tells CPAC that he wants to take a nine iron and “smash the windows” of Big Government. Just a day after Scott Brown laughs off the murderous airborne attack on a government building by saying “nobody likes to pay taxes”. Ha ha. Tell it to the dead man’s family Scott. See if they laugh. Oklahoma City must have been a big yuk for these guys.

It sounds like the Tea Party endorses, tolerates or just gets a laugh out of the rhetoric of criminal violence.

And don’t try to make the Austin plane crash guy a lefty, He was anti-Bush because he was anti-politician of all persuasions (read his manifesto: Pat Moynihan his bete noire was a Dem). He was anti government as intrinsically evil. Just like the extremists in the Town Hall/Tea Party movement. Except when it comes to taking medicare handouts from Big Government. Then they’re “a handful of ‘gimme’, a mouthful of ‘much obliged’.”

I’ve seen the violence in blog commenters (anonymous cowards of course) defending the right to take guns to Town Halls. Nobody (or hardly anybody) disputes the right to do it , it’s the (lack of any sane) judgment. Children present and all that. But no… more important to show what a big man you are, gun-toter.

It’s just a matter of time before this kind of window-smashing, gun toting, government-is evil rhetoric turns into more violence against fellow citizens. Don’t say I didn’t predict it.