Ron Rosenbaum

Wall St. Bankers Break Through My Outrage Gridlock

So much to be outraged about these days. I’ve got ’em stacked up like delayed flights over Dulles.

Speaking of which, can you believe the nerve of the chief execs of Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, and Citigroup basically lying to the nation in claiming that “inclement weather” prevented them from showing up at a meeting at the White House on Monday? You know, the one where they wee going to be asked: “Hey guys, we gave you hundreds of billions of taxpayer money to save your corporate jets and your economy-wrecking banks, how about doing a little lending to smaller businesses so they can help create jobs and get us off the ten per cent unemployment dime. That was the purpose after all. Not to preserve your obscene bonuses.”

But nooo. … Despite the corporate jets (and, by the way, the existence of something called “railroads”), the “fat cats,” three of them anyway, turned out to be “scaredy cats.” Afraid to face the music for their depredations, they claimed that “inclement weather” prevented them from flying down for an 11 a.m. meeting at the White House.

And it was all, basically, a lie! Thanks to for doing the kind of investigative reporting that the MSM largely failed to do, demonstrating conclusively that there was no real weather problem that a fat cat who wasn’t a scaredy cat couldn’t have overcome if the railroad was too plebian for him.

It’s not only a rebuff to the White House; it’s a rebuke to the American people who saved their sleazy institutions. They sure came running to Washington when they wanted a bailout! Neither rain nor snow nor inclement weather could stop these greedheads when they were hustling for an unearned hundred billion or two to cover their shady practices, which brought the rest of the economy to ruin.

When Obama used the phrase “fat cats,” some were outraged that he dipped into old-fashioned populist rhetoric.. These frauds proved that they deserved worse.