Haters: You Brought it on Yourselves. You Got Obama his Nobel

Sure, sure, there were “politics” involved and politics is petty, but that’s precisely the point. Consider the timing. On one level it might have been designed to influence the Afghan decision. In other words: Nobel Peace Prize Winner Calls For Troop Surge is going to look paradoxical to some, perhaps even the current “decider”.


On the other hand I wouldn’t down play the worldwide reaction to he sickening virulence of American Obama-haters. The worldwide web circulation of pictures of thuggish goons carrying guns (yes I know it’s legal, it’as also incredibly stupid), haters screaming down dissenters from their talking points at Townhalls, the kind of violence in the rhetoric of the anonymous cowards who spill their bile–behind their cowardly anonymity–in the comments section.

Finally I think it was the Hitler mustaches on the Obama posters. Norway is a nation that was invaded by and lived under Hitler’s rule. Sweden was threated into neutrality. I wouldn’t blame them for wanting to rebuke these hysterical whiners trivializing Nazism before they unleashed some nut with a gun who took their frothings seriously. (Of course they could just be jealous of the attention given to the Danes).


But all in all I think you can pat yourself on the back, haters, you’ve just won your man (you know you love him–you’re obsessed with him!) a Nobel Prize.

*And by the way I don’t think it matters when the voting took place the hate has been goin on since he became the frontrunner for the nomination. And it could always have changed, It ain’t over til the fat man squeals (you know who I men).



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