Ron Rosenbaum

When Will Right Wingers Denounce Those Who Carry Guns to Rallies?

So far I glean from the commenters here, it’s perfectly okay to deface Obama’s image with Hitler mustache, Nazi uniform, etc. This says a lot for your historical erudition and perspective (or about it). (And yes, knee-jerks, I’ve denounced lefty Bushitler imagery, too.)

But do you approve of carrying guns to town halls where children are present? I’ve seen a lot of offensive signs at left-wing rallies, but I haven’t seen guns. Are the gun-tards making a brave statement about the Second Amendment? (I thought the topic was health care.) Or are they just brainless thugs and bullies putting innocent people in danger because they’re too cowardly to argue like civilized people? Better to try to terrorize them.

Where are the right-wing commenters who are condemning the gun carrier freakazoids? Let’s hear from you. Or is your silence approval or encouragement? Are they doing the dirty work of intimidating opponents on your behalf? Can’t you win an argument without having an armed creep at your side? I think the question answers itself.

Speak up in behalf of civility. Isn’t that a conservative value?