Ron Rosenbaum

"You Light Up My Life": Shouldn't Craigslist Post a List...

…of the crimes and scams their advertisers are alleged to have committed? Just the major felonies, say. Like this one involving multiple sexual assault charges against the composer of “You Light Up My Life”. He’s accused of using Craigslist ads to lure young women from the West Coast to New York so that he could help make them “stars”–and then attacking them.

You would think that no one is delusive enough to travel across the country on the basis of a Craigslist come-on, but obviously too many already are. Doesn’t Craigslist have a responsiblity to warn to at least listthe kinds of come ons use by those facing felony charges arising from their website’s use? Because obviously some of these people are putting trust in the benevolence of the Craigslist “community” aren’t they?

Just asking.