Ron Rosenbaum

Why Is It So Difficult For Some People to Accept Responsibility for Crimes They Profit From?

Ordinairly I wouldn’t waste so much time with morally obtuse types whose smug self-congratualtory sense of superioirity usually disguises something uglier–otherise why so defensive. But since yesterday was King Day and today a unique Inaugural I just refuse to allow their sleazy reasoning to go unanswered.

Viz. This commenter:

“Enabling  a victimhood mentality is immoral, no matter how fashionable it might be. If you feel  some sense of guilt,  it was indoctrinated into you.  Those responsible for slavery should be held accountable.  But to attempt to make those who have absolutely no part in it feel guilty is perverse – and just plain wrong.”

I love the self-righteousness of having “absolutely no part in it.” America is a wealthy country part of whose wealth and strength–that you benefit from even now–was built up on the backs of horrendously immoral slave labor. If you came here (as my grandarents did) after slavery was ended, it doesn’t mean you didn’t enjoy the privileges that were so sickeningly conferred on you by the shabby theft of people’s labor and souls before you arrived. This has nothing to do with “victim mentality”. It has a lot to do with morally numb mentality (yours).

Your desire to claim “absolute” purity for yourself is deluded and shows evidence of an utter lack of moral sensitivity. I’m glad for your sake this simple mindedness allows you to live in selfish, untroubled comfort. Good for you! You don’t have to care about anything that happened in this coutnry you batten on before the great moment of your arrival. You don’t have to be concerned about its history. I’m sure you’d be happy and unconcerned living prosperously in Germany or Japan. I ‘m in awe of your obtuse absence of conscience. Life must be easier for you. Others are troubled by the complexity of our history, but not you, you couldn’t be more simplemindedly self satisfied. Congrtulations on your lack of annoying scruples and your flat-lined sense of history. Yours must be a vey comfortable (if intellectually imoverished) existence.