Ron Rosenbaum

Ignoring the Nazi-Hamas Connection is the Big Lie of Our Time

Sorry, but I’m not going to let up on this. It’s become the Big Lie of our time, subscribed to by those who want to make a moral equivalence arguent about Israel and Hamas. The Big Lie is that Hamas is some kind of Palestinian rights organaization, just a little more extreme and religiously based, when in fact it is an exterminationist anti-semitic death cult with its roots in Nazi ideology.

No, it doesn’t yet have the power of the Hitlerites at their peak to murder millions, but they would if they could, and all it takes is a suitcase nuke and then they can. Giving support of any kind to the “struggle” of Hamas is like giving support to the Nazi Party, to Hitler’s “struggle”, just before or just after it came to power. It was still weak, the Nazi Party’s Germany, but it was no less evil. Should we have sympathized, temporized with Hitler’s party then because it was weak or because the Germans lost a war they started that killed millions and felt really oppressed by the consequences? Or should we have rooted Hitler’s party out when we had a chance?

Hamas are the ones who have caused the recent suffering of the Palestinian people they have led into this horrible situation; they got Gaza and look what they did with it. The first thing, the only thing they cared about was using it to kill Jews.

For those who still willfully blind theselves to the true nature of Hamas, here’s more about the Nazi culture that gave rise to Hamas from the invaluable (non-Jewish) leftist German historian Matthias Kuntzel. (I mention his religion just so those who seek that as an out won’t find it).

Read it or continue to live in ignorance of the Big Lie. Those who support the exterminationists of Hamas in any way, such as pretending that “both sides” are at fault, are like those who gave aid and comfort to the Nazis and sought to find an excuse to blame the Jews for the death camps. Were “both sides” at fault in the war against Hitler’s Germany? Sorry to have to put it that way, but you can no longer plead ignorance for your shame, Jews especially, however “well-meaning” you think you’re being in trying to sympathize with “both sides”. An exterminationist party is an exterminationist party and as so they are unequivocally evil.