Ron Rosenbaum

Where are the advocates of "even handedness" in the Middle East: Please Defend Your Child Murderer

I’m so glad my colleage Emily Yoffe at Slate called my attention to this column by Mona Charen about the Israaeli Hezbullah “exchange. You know all the ones the defenders of “even handedness”, diplomacy, moral equivalence were all so excited about. A real breakthrough for peace.

The Israelis got back the remains of two dead bodies kidnaped by the Lebanese wing of Hezbullah, the loathesome band of psychopathic murderers sponsored by Iran. The Israelis gave back alive this unspeakable excuse for a human being who—in 1979– snuck into Israel invaded a family’s home, killed the father in front of his four year old daughter’s eyes. Then oh-so-bravely–a real credit to his faith–killed the helpless four year old (the coward was obviously threatened by her) by smashing her head with a rifle butt.

And when he was returned to Lebanon he was greeted as a national hero by a nation of cheering crowds. As Mona Charen asks, “What kind of people celebrate a child murderer?”

One answer is: this is the kind of people Israel is supposed to trust its security and its children to by bargaining as if they were dealing with human beings. To all of those who call for “sacrifices on both sides for peace”, and blame “both sides” for the endless conflict think about your own moral stance. You are arguing we should be treating cold blooded child murderers and the nations who celebrate them them as your equals.Until you dissociate yourself from them, metaphorically, they are.