Ron Rosenbaum

Today's Moment of Beauty: A Neglected Springsteen Song

I should do this more often. Just pause and share with you some rare moment of found beauty. I rarely listen to Prairie Home Companion. Nothing against it, just not my thing. But today I happened to catch an amazing duet–I believe it was the Williams sisters–cover of Springsteen’s “If I Should Fall Behind” from Lucky Town.It just killed me. An arrow through the heart. I’m glad I have someone to dedicate it to.

Here are the lyrics. You have to hear it of course, not just read it. But that chorus:

I’ll wait for you,
And if I should fall behind
Wait for me.

I think I spent about a year replaying that song. I could spend another one. He has so many of these underestimated (compared to the anthemic faves, the whole “Boss” bullshit)) simple but intense love songs. I’m thinking of “Tougher Than the Rest”, “Secret Garden”.

Listen to “If I Should Fall Behind”. Am I wrong? Anyone suggest other neglected gems?