Ron Rosenbaum

The Only Way For Hillary to Save Her Legacy...

…in the light of the disgusting recent conduct of her campaign, is to withdraw now and endorse Barack Obama.The one thing I used to admire the Clintons for was what I thought was their genuine emotional commitment to civil rights. The one unblemished aspect of their much-blemished legacy. But look at the collection of hacks, thugs and half-wits they have unleashed or enabled when they got desparate. Look at their pathetic denigration of Martin Luther King. (just a dreamer, right? Read Taylor Branch’s brilliant three volume King biography, while you’re sitting out the campaign Hillary. You need a history lesson).

But is not just sad for them, it’s sad for America. In their win-at-any-cost campaign they may well have succeeded in destroying not only Obama’s candidacy (at the very least his chance to win if nominated) but their own place in history. I wish I could blame it all on Bill, but that’s been their m.o. No tears can save her from this shame.