Ron Rosenbaum

Jeremy Blake's Body Found?

I want to thank everyone who has written in Comments and I’m trying to make sense of the conflicting stories and would encourage those of you continue to send them in and I’ll try to do a fragmentary report soon. I’d be particularly interested if anyone knows whether there was trouble with the film Theresa Duncan was supposed to be directing in New York. A film about a rockstar who is kidnapped and becomes even more famous, I’m told. Was there trouble with the production in the days before Theresa died? (Many of the Comments have been anonymous and in this case I respect that, although it’s usually my policy not to publish anonymous stuff because it makes it difficult to verify the info.

Meanwhile though there is important news. The body of Theresa Duncan’s long time boyfriend Jeremy Blake, the rising star artist who apparently walked into the ocean off Rockaway Beach Queens and drowned, despondent over her death, may have been found. New Jersey authorities say a body was found by fishermen floating four miles off the Jersey Shore near Sea Girt.

The problem is they seem to be having trouble making a definitive i.d. and are asking for any doctors or dentists who might have records of Jeremy Blake to come forward.

I’m going to post the numbers that appeared in the recent LA Times story by Chris Lee and hope anyone with any useful information will make use of them:

“Anyone with information is asked to contact senior investigator Sandra Rodriguez of the Ocean County prosecutor’s office at (732) 929-2027, Ext. 2570, or Det. Clint Daniel of the Point Pleasant Beach Police Department at (732) 892-0500, Ext. 160. Detectives from the New York Police Department, which is assisting in the investigation, can be contacted at (212) 477-7809.”