Bob Kerrey: If only...

So I’m listening to Bob Kerrey on the former Imus show, this morning hosted today by Joe Scarborough and once again I can’t help thinking that the Democrats nominated the wrong Kerr(e)y. There’s something appealing about the genuine thoughtfulness of the guy, the lack of pretense that he has all the answers.


“All of us are struggling,” he said. He was speaking specifically about all of us struggling with Iraq. But somehow there was another more resonant dimension to it: “All of us are struggling.” Perhaps because I find myself struggling (with work, beginning a new book is always the hardest part). But I had a sense that in some spirital way Kerrey had a feeling for human struggle that most politicians just mouth off about.

He was remarkably candid about his own party: “The Democrats,” he said are now just about “bring ’em home and don’t care” what we leave behind.”

He was no less kind tot he Republicans: “They’re just confused.”

When he talked about getting out of politics, he said he did it because “I wanted to get married and the woman I wanted to get married wanted to have a child “and he wanted to raise a child “out of politics”.


What was interesting was how eloquent he was in support of Barak Obama. “He ought to make a speech and say ‘yes, it’s right my middle name is Hussein, I have Muslims in my family. I can talk to the Muslim world and tell them we can be your friends if you’ll let us, but if not we can be your worst enemy.”

Wow. as Charles Mc Cord said “He ought to be advising Barak Obama.” Yes. As a matter of fact maybe he should be running with him.

Get back in the game Bob Kerrey. There are all too few like you.


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