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Dinner with the Obamas at the Parker-Broderick Home

Our fund-raiser in chief, President Barack Obama, outdid himself on Thursday night. As we all learned from the much-derided Anna Wintour video, we were all invited to party with the president at her “good friend” Sarah Jessica Parker’s home in Manhattan, to the tune of $40,000 per person. This is the same Vogue editor who once chose to feature Assad of Syria’s wife as a feature story in her magazine -- now removed from the website -- and who recently announced her new designer canine products under the slogan “Bark For Obama.”

The dinner was followed by a concert from Mariah Carey at the Plaza Hotel for the honored guests. The first couple raked in a cool $4.5 million in one evening. But as reporter Peter Grier reported for DC Decoder, Mitt Romney without any celebrities or any glitz brought in $3.5 million that same night in Chicago, where he presented a speech on the state of the economy.

Back at the Parker-Matthew Broderick home, a guest might have spotted George Clooney, Eddie Murphy and Tom Hanks, but evidently there were many rich folk whom the average celebrity hound in attendance would find unrecognizable. For Parker, the real star was Michelle Obama, who she introduced first by saying: “It is a great, a rare, a very special and I’m assuming a singular treat to welcome you into our home – our radiant, our extraordinary first lady.” After that, she turned to Michelle’s husband, and referred to him as the “beloved current and future president of the United States.”

The event was in honor of the same president who has the nerve to tell the nation that his campaign is all about the suffering of the middle class: “still a lot of people hurting out there,” he recently said. Obama was guest of honor, as Grier wrote, “in front of a group of folks who mingle with the middle class only when it’s serving them dinner,” or perhaps when they reluctantly are signing an autograph. Grier noted a poster displayed at an entertainment website stating “While rubbing elbows with New York’s rich and famous Obama paused to remember the Americans suffering under his economy, how sweet.”