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The 'Evil Party' Earns Its Name With Shameful Impeachment Attempt

The 'Evil Party' Earns Its Name With Shameful Impeachment Attempt
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi of Calif., reads a statement announcing a formal impeachment inquiry into President Donald Trump, on Capitol Hill in Washington, Tuesday, Sept. 24, 2019. (AP Photo/Andrew Harnik)

For years, D.C. insiders called Democrats “The Evil Party” and Republicans “The Stupid Party.” That seemed an oversimplification but not so much anymore. With this vicious, un-American and psychologically deranged attempt to impeach Donald Trump (or whatever this meretricious plan is—a way forward?) without evidence of the remotest substance, the Democrats reveal themselves to be evil indeed—and without quotation marks.

Most of the 31 “moderate” Democratic congressmen and women from districts won by Trump now seem poised to bite their personal election bullets and vote to support this impeachment gambit, if they haven’t already. They better not read Lee Smith’s just-published The Plot Against the President —currently number one in books on Amazon—because it will give them nightmares. The book is a primer for things to come in the Durham investigation—the heads that are destined to roll, almost all associated with the Democratic Party, deep state division—and therefore also a primer for the end of their congressional careers if they associate themselves with this bogus impeachment.

But if the book isn’t enough to worry them (and I bet it will be), Paul Sperry, writing for Real Clear Investigations, has outed the whistleblower who appears to be as biased a young man as you could find in central casting — someone who worked with both John Brennan (currently heavily suspected as being the Mr.Big behind Spygate and known to despise Trump) and Susan Rice, the Obama administration go-to prevaricator of Benghazi fame. Some objective observer! (The whistleblower act is, unfortunately, a perfect cover for partisan hatchet jobs.)

The question now is how the Republican leadership will react to this particular hatchet job of hatchet jobs. In recent years, rather than “The Stupid Party,” they could have been called “The Cowardly Party.” Often, they don’t back each other, sometimes running for the hills or joining the opposition, when their Democrat peers swallow hard (maybe not even that) to support the likes of Ocasio-Cortez and Ilhan Omar.

The Republican rank-and-file, now Trump’s “deplorables,” are entirely different. They are with the president all the way and will stand up and fight for him to the end. Republican politicians ought to pay attention to that or they will find themselves gone at their next primary. Mitt Romney, the most extreme case, is lucky he won’t be facing one for several years. He’d likely be gone.

But more important is that the Democrats are clearly misusing impeachment in the worst way, turning it political and distorting the Constitution and the Founders’ intentions to such a degree that, should they succeed, our Republic will not recover.

With a presidential election only a year away, it’s obvious they don’t have much confidence that their potential candidates will win. It’s not difficult to see why. Nevertheless, Republican leadership must stand firm against this impeachment at every turn, not just for Trump, but for all of us, for our country. “The Evil Party” must be stopped, then reformed.

PJ Media co-founder Roger L. Simon is the author, most recently, of The GOAT.

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