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Trump's Tilt to China Spells Trouble for Putin

The Democrats in their unremitting (and increasingly self-destructive) zeal to prove Trump has been colluding with Russia completely missed the red dragon in the room.  It's Beijing our president has been  conspiring with, not Moscow. And he's seemingly doing a decent job of it too.  Consider this from Wednesday's Global Times, the English-language version of the People's Daily's (i. e. Chinese government house organ), :

The US aircraft carrier USS Carl Vinson is headed toward the Korean Peninsula after abruptly turning back from sailing to Australia, and Trump sent a warning via his tweet. These are probably related to reports that satellite surveillance shows North Korea is likely to conduct new nuclear tests.

Washington's latest threat to Pyongyang is more credible given its just launched missile attack at an air base in Syria. The Korean Peninsula has never been so close to a military clash since the North conducted its first nuclear test in 2006.

If Pyongyang conducts its sixth nuclear test in the near future, the possibility of US military action against it will be higher than ever. Not only Washington brimming with confidence and arrogance following the missile attacks on Syria, but Trump is also willing to be regarded as a man who honors his promises.

Now the Trump team seems to have decided to solve the North Korean nuclear crisis. As the discussion runs deeper, a situation of no-solution will not be accepted.

Aside from the traditional communist carping about Western "arrogance," this passage is far more pro-Trump than anything to appear in our mainstream media other than Fox NewsIt could even have been on Breitbart. And lest you worry about that tiny sliver of "arrogance," the folks at Global Times make their message explicit in the last line of the article: "Pyongyang should avoid making mistakes at this time."

Another GT article begins this way:

At the invitation of US President Donald Trump, Chinese President Xi Jinping on Wednesday talked over phone with Trump on bilateral relations as well as issues of the Korean Peninsula and Syria. The phone conversation came shortly after the Mar-a-Lago meeting, which indicates the communication mechanism between the two leaders is working efficiently.

When the world is worried that the simmering situation both on the Korean Peninsula and in Syria may deteriorate and spiral out of control, the phone call between the top leaders of China and the US will have an impact on how the international community perceives the bilateral relationship, and will help boost optimism about the international situation.

Meanwhile, the message to the North Koreans was reiterated and stamped in stone at the United Nations when the Chinese, for the first time in recent memory, abstained from the Security Council vote condemning Assad's use of chemical weapons instead of joining in with their Russian allies.