Roger L. Simon

In Your Heart, You Know He's Right: Trump and Muslim Immigration

Former Trump Attorney John Dowd

Interspersed with news of the mass sexual harassment and rape of women in Cologne by “asylum seekers” from Syria and their other resident Muslim colleagues and the near assassination of a cop in Philadelphia by a man who, according to that city’s police commissioner, “…believed that the police defend laws that are contrary to the teachings of the Quran” comes a Pew study informing us that Islam will be the second-largest religion of the USA before 2040.

Excuse me if I’m not amused. Or should I say… trigger warning: Islamophobia?

Actually, the would-be cop killer/ISIS member in white Isla-drag (fortunately he did not achieve his goal) was correct in his evaluation.  Our police do defend laws contrary to the Quran, such as monogamy, equal rights for women, separation of church and state, etc., etc. — and that’s exactly the point.

The doctrines of Islam are virtually entirely inconsistent with the founding principles of our county. And yet, per Pew, we are not-so-gradually being inundated with its adherents. Unchecked, the character of the USA will change, possibly to the extent of being unrecognizable,  I doubt this is what the majority of Americans want.  But it is happening nevertheless — and we have a living, breathing illustration of the results just across the Pond. (Illustrative of how self-immolating European elites have become was the advice the female mayor of Cologne gave women of her city for dealing with the sexual assaults — they should stand further away.)

So along comes this supposedly vulgar guy Donald Trump, who has the audacity to say we should suspend Muslim immigration until we “figure things out.”  I’d like to say when I first heard him say that I winced. How Unconstitutional!  How Un-PC! But I didn’t.  I stared at the television, nodded, and quietly said: “Right on!”  I suspect a lot of other people did too, even some (maybe more than just some) who publicly wash their hands of him.  We shall see.

As for me, I agree with Trump 100%, quite publicly now.  Something must be done. And like Trump, I have a number of Muslim friends who are just fine, some quite courageous. We should all respect people like that — and we will.  But we don’t have the luxury of blind multiculturalism anymore. In any case, multiculturalism  is nothing more than a big fascist lie.  (If you do your homework and look into its roots in cultural relativism, you will see what I mean.)  If we can’t entirely cut off Muslim immigration (for Constitutional reasons or other), we must restrict it to such a degree that it is less than a dribble coming out of the spigot with every drop boiled down and inspected to the last molecule.

And, yes, I am aware Edward Archer — the pathetic would-be cop killer — is no immigrant and that cutting immigration will not cure everything, or even all that much. But you have to start somewhere and, sadly, there is no such thing as a real cure — not one that is in any sense immediate.  The root of the problem is Islam itself — in dire need of a reformation that may be impossible within its own twisted ideology.  At the very least we can keep our country free of it, or relatively.

And ironically, by restricting Muslim immigration we will be doing something that might actually help the benighted countries of the Islamic world, forcing their citizens to stay in place and deal with their situation.  It is the only solution.  The neocons have been criticized ad nauseam (usually by people who initially agreed with them) for attempting to impose democracy on the Islamic Middle East.  Yes, the neocons were overly idealistic and optimistic and mistaken. (I was one of them.) In the end the truth is bitter and obvious — you have to do it for yourselves.  That goes for the Muslim world above all.

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