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No Questions, Please: Hillary Announces on Twitter

bill_hillary_clinton_4-12-15-2 Shhh—don't tell anyone I'm running for president! (AP Photo/Greg Gibson)

America rejoice!  A multi-millionairess serial liar married to a multi-millionaire serial adulterer has just announced for the presidency of our country to save the middle class from impoverishment! (Or was it "income inequality"?) (Or was it "Chelsea Clinton in a Gucci dress, Mateo New York bracelet, Cartier bracelet, Garland Collection ring, Halleh ring," as appears in this month's Elle?)

Better tell Rosa Luxemburg, Lenin and Trotsky, not to mention Gil Scott-Heron.  His song got it wrong.  The Revolution is going to be televised (until we're blue in the face) and it will start in tony Chappaqua on a posh gated estate with pool and tennis court, guarded by the Secret Service with its own (exceptionally) private email system, infinite closed-circuit video surveillance and who knows what else?  

Is everyone throwing up yet?  Not even Maureen Dowd is buying.  Oh, well, American "liberalism" has been screwing the lower classes for the last fifty years.  Why stop now?

But maybe we are reaching a new low.  It couldn't be more obvious why Hillary Clinton announced her candidacy on Twitter and a disingenuous video.  She'll do anything not to take questions.  Her last encounter with the press, over her vanishing emails, made Richard Nixon seem like Diogenes.  In fact,  Nixon is Diogenes compared to Hillary.  Imagine how the press would have reacted if Nixon had lied about being under fire in Bosnia... or anywhere.  Or had claimed that "the great leftwing conspiracy" was the cause of "Pat's affairs."  (Well, scratch that.)

Hillary is also probably the most immoral person to run for president.  Anyone who could tell the father of Tyrone Woods, the Navy SEAL murdered in Benghazi, that they would "get the man who made that video" at his son's own funeral is capable of just about anything.

Liberals should be disgusted and embarrassed -- and maybe some are … but not enough to disrupt their lives or take any risks.  These days the New York Times is too busy accusing Republicans of racism for opposing Obama's horrendous Iran non-deal to do anything approaching sanity.   It's up to us Republicans to put a stop to this before Western civilization goes down the tubes  (he says blithely, but it's the truth, unfortunately).