Roger L. Simon

Big Bad Bibi


Fee fi fo fum.  Big bad Bibi is coming to DC town — and Barack is VERY angry.  Not only that, and possibly worse,  Jeffrey Goldberg at The Atlantic may be equally as angry. The journalist insists Netanyahu making a speech to Congress at the speaker’s invitation is a “disaster” or — in the words of my grandmother — “not good for the Jews.”  And Jeff should know.  He’s an important guy, I am told.  He gets to talk… to Barack.

Goldberg accuses Netanyahu of electioneering (a rare thing indeed for a politician) and not showing the proper “RESPECT” for our president (cue Aretha), who always demonstrates so much respect for the Israeli prime minister.

Excuse me while I rend my clothes.  Meanwhile, lost in Goldberg’s posturing, and the funfkeying by such great State Department intellects as Jen Psaki,  is the subject of Netanyahu’s putative speech. What was it?   Oh, yes… Iran.  Now I remember.  That country that has its hand in nearly every piece of  Islamic mayhem from Buenos Aires to Sanaa.

Oh, wait. I made another mistake. I said Islamic mayhem. That’s a no-no for Goldberg’s hero.  I meant, um, “workplace violence.”  Better?  Good.  The death of Alberto Nisman in Argentina was “workplace violence,” no?  He was at work,  investigating the coverup of the terror bombing of that  Buenos Aires Jewish center that killed 85 and wounded over 300 by Hezbollah or whoever it was.  They’re not Islamic, are they?

Anyway, not to worry.  We have our best journalistic minds at work.  Goldberg and others similar have assured us that Barack Obama has the best interests of Israel and obviously the West in mind. We shouldn’t be concerned that Iran has been continuing to advance its technology and nuclear  capabilities, even building ICBMs (what do they want with those — Israel’s not that far away) while talks drone on and on and on.  Obama will pull something out of the hat.  He always has.  Look at Libya.  Oh, wait… That was just the jayvee team.

Scratch that and all those other countries from Nigeria to Pakistan and back. Obama has handled the war very well without naming it.  As Goldberg et al will tell you, he doesn’t need some rude foreign dignitary pontificating to him about what to do about Iran.  Barack knew exactly what to do when all those Green demonstrators were marching for freedom in the streets of Tehran.  Ignore them and negotiate with responsible leaders like Ahmadinejad.  Oh, wait… I screwed that up again

I’m sorry.  I should know better than to criticize my betters like Jeffrey Goldberg. It’s not  his fault Obama has no discernible policy after six plus years in office  to deal with the Islamic terror war.  The president probably doesn’t want one.  Give the guy a break.

And I feel for Goldberg, really I do.  I’m sure he’s embarrassed by Bibi. And Goldberg, of all things, would like to keep his access, like CNN with Saddam.  It’s much easier to blame pushy Bibi then tell it like it is about Obama, Kerry and the rest of the mealy-mouthed crew that make Neville Chamberlain seem like Patton. But again not to worry.  If Ayatollah Khamenei nixes a deal at the end, as most sentient beings assume he will, maybe Kerry can get James Taylor to serenade him.

And I’m sorry again to be so hostile to Goldberg and his “liberal” ilk, but I’m having echoes these days of 1938. Another Kristallnacht hasn’t quite happened yet, but we’ve come mighty close.  Time’s up for being polite. Protocol-shmotocol.  Benjamin Netanyahu isn’t the problem.  Barack Obama is.